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    I think Freezzer Gaming should change these maps: 1 Washington map and 1 PEI map to Yukon map, because I'm sure there are some players that want some snowy maps and not just maps with big cities ( Washington - seattle, Germay - berlin and more) or big mountains or other things.

    I'm just asking if you want to add Yukon map.

    Thank you

    Steam profile link + name:


    Real name: Sorry, can't do that.

    Age: 15 (I know the age should be 16+ but still)

    Game and Freezzer play-time: Unturned: 1514h | Freezer: 677h

    Recent/current weekly + daily play-time: Weekly: Around 20+ hours | Daily: Around 5 hours

    About yourself: I am living at Israel, I am a good kid and a really quiet kid too. I'm accepting my wrongs, if I'm doing something and

    someone is coming and telling me what I'm doing is wrong and is showing me how to do it right, I will accept that I was wrong and I will learn from him.

    I'm making SFM (Source FimMaker) Posters of Team Fortress 2 (you can go check my Artworks in my profile).

    Why you would be well suited to become a Support-Staff: I think I will be well suited to become a Support-Staff, because I know the rules of Freezer Gaming and I'm really enjoying playing at Freezer Gaming's servers.

    Thank you, DarkDJ.

    I think its a good idea, but maybe 12 players, and the objective of the Attackers will be to get a Plane or something else.

    while the Defenders are protecting the plane.

    Another idea, Freezer Gaming can add a CTF ( Capture The Flag) Event - 2 teams, 2 flags, 2 bases. But the flag will be an item and not a flag, so all the players will be able to have it, and it will their will be 2 items, the items are the same, but the colors of the items aren't the same.

    Just 2 ideas to think about, but the events idea started with Nocturno, not me.

    Thank you.

    Hello Everyone, I got an idea for Freezer Gaming's servers.

    My idea is that Freezer Gaming should add 10 mods to every server for a week or 2, after week or 2 weeks they will change the 10 mods to different mods.

    If they will change the mods every week or 2, the servers won't be with a lot of lags because there won't be that much mods, if they will change the mods all the time we might have more fun because of the mods them selves.

    Thank you for reading my idea for the servers.

    Hope you enjoyed reading it and please think about it at least. :):thumbup:

    You're right, I don't think anyone will remember each slot when you have like 100 slots. I can't even remember my second one. ?(

    I'll take a look at it after christmas. :)

    Thank you Simon for looking at my thread and thinking about it.

    Thank you so much.

    nice idea but is this soo useful that owner will have to make it and lose his time on it? He has prob more Important things to do on the server than this.

    yes i know the owner got more things to do but the owner / staff team can do it and it will take a while to make but at least people will have fun at Freezer Gaming

    I got an idea for Freezer Gaming need to upgrade the /load + /save | /l + /s to be like this: /ns or /namesave.

    then people can do /nameload | /nl so it will be like /ns "Raiding" and they can do /nl "Raiding",

    so Freezer Gaming can do a command like /ls - /ListSave = List for Saves, so they can do the command and see what name they on the save, example: /nl "Raiding" and not to do /l 16 (for people that got more than 1 - 2 loads)

    I hope you will at least think about my idea for the loads.

    Thank you :)

    Steam profile link + name: ?❄??????❄?

    Real name:

    Age: 14

    Game and Freezzer play-time: game: 1449 freezer: 639h 45m

    Recent/current weekly + daily play-time: daily play: around 5 hours a day, per week: 30 hours

    About yourself: I'm living in IL - Israel, I am at school from 8:15 - 14:20 (Timzone: GMT‎+2)‎. I'm in the 9th grade, I'm 14 years old. I have discord, my discord is: ??????#7297.

    I'm not like most of the kids in my school, I'm not swearing or complaining, I think swearing or complaining is a bit stupid (my opinion).

    I'm most of the time playing at my computer, the games I'm playing are: Unturned, Team Fortress 2, CS GO,

    Deceit. Most of my time on my computer I'm playing Unturned on Freezer Gaming.

    Why you would be well suited to become a Support-Staff: I think support rank will suit me because I'm playing most of the time now at Freezer Gaming's servers at Unturned because I like the game, but I really like Freezer Gaming's servers more than other servers. I got MVP rank, maybe it will change anything. I bought the rank because I knew I'll play on these servers a lot. :) I hope you enjoyed my application.

    Thank you, DarkDJ:thumbup:.