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    There should be veteran privileges indeed but in my opinion they should only be a visible thing, not having the extremely ultra broken /home command .

    Just have golden chat or anything else .

    (PS i still think that /home command is a pay to win like advantage for either campers, heavy raiders and basemakers)

    Even before fighter jets were nerfed hardly anyone was placing "tons of barricades on the jets to the point where others were not able to take down a jet" . Most of the jets I saw back then were unarmored. There were only a few people who armored their jets. Even the ones that were armored were only lightly armored and still had large weakpoints.

    there's no point of saying that as nobody puts barricades on their jets because they serve a single purpose, transport .If they were like the old days people would easily take you down with a high damage dealing mag that casually makes things unfair, as the jet flies and can easily either flee or dodge .

    The matamorez is also nerfed so you couldnt have taken down so many planes . Also, if you want combat fight with real weapons not unfair killing machines

    Your counter argument would be that the other player should also take a jet but that will force him to change his gameplay (as he might be doing anything else) and as soon as he takes your jet down you would leave it and spawn another one .

    Although you are a bit right, if bases get nerfed it shoulndt be too much . As a basemaker myself i would like to state that before the raid nerfing update your base could be easily nuked by a single guy dropping once by just throwing 3 rockets .Otherwise he would snipe your whole base, grind it with high caliber machineguns or sticking 1 or 2 charges .

    Apart from that nowadays you can down a single full life structure with half the mag of a dragonfang, which for a small base is too much, but if we are talking of a huge base or even a skybase the builder deserves that peace of being safe and killing nearby enemies automatically .(you should search for bases and destroy them or the builders while in construction, or either gun down sentries with a single sniper shot)

    Finally in my opinion i would like to say that yet this update has both advantages and disadvantages:

    -Now bases are way more a viable option than before as raiders have to think

    -However, in some places such as bunkers (holman island f.e.) the only way to enter is by a single door which can be blowtorched at the same time it is being destroyed, even if 3 people shoot it at the same time with dragonfangs with adaptative chamberings . So, in my opinion, the only adjust it is needed to make is to change the game so that gun beats blowtorch .

    Steam profile link + name:


    Real name: Alejandro

    Age: 16

    Game and Freezzer play-time: F:300 G:1075

    Recent/current weekly + daily play-time: about 30 hours weekely but daily i can spend a whole afternoon if needed (just because its summer)

    About yourself:

    As part of the comunity of these servers i would love to go on a next level helping it improve by becoming a support staff .I am spanish however i consider that my english level is enough for the requirements of this role . In addition to this, i would also like yo state that in fact (or at least in my opinion) i am able to see both sides of the coin we call 'game comunity' as i am both a normal gamer (i pvp with average weapons and i consider my kd is decent) and a 'special (i think) gamer' as i love to play this game in all the ways as posible by tuning any kind of vahicles, making some awesome and sometimes challenging bases, trying to make giant groups and ocassionaly organising 'events' (this is fake i just say my base is unraideable and people just start coming) . Also i might have been a little toxic sometimes but most of the times i am the one being attacked verbaly .

    Why you would be well suited to become a Support-Staff:

    As i said earlier i think i could perform a major upgrade on this servers due to my activity and ways of playing .Also i would like to help the server that helped me all this years to have fun with my friends and to avoid geting bored through this hard gaming times .^^:P

    Finally, i would love to be usefull both in game and in discord, as i think i have all of the minimun requirements for becoming a staff, hope i get accepted .

    What if we create a building event where everybody has to build a massive architectonic masterpiece to win or at least not get it nuked by 7 people just 3 mins after you finish it .

    Another option is to do a 'build&battle' event where people defend and attack handmade bases (here we can omit the part of building just attack and defend or take the flag for example)