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    well they were tpa spamming me and calling me retards especially a guy called Gemy

    they were being salty when we raided them
    and the kys is to my friend
    antek is a name

    the NCF is weak isnt even being toxic. its challenging them to a fight

    you dont even have sufficient information how and in what way i said those words.

    3/5 of those global ones are accidental because me and my friend have fun with others.
    the local ones dont even count because they are meant in the same way
    and why the fuck would i tell my friends that their trash in the intent to hurt them?

    yester day i did think i should stop or i would get banned. but why the hell do you focus on the local ones? ive been calling my friend retard for fun becasue were playing around and i forgot to mention. half of those global ones were accidentals that were supposed to go to my friends
    because we were 1v1ing with some guys

    lmao why would i be serious about the local ones or group ones. it doesnt even count. but ive seen people calling my teammates retards noobs trash cunt and cheaters. is that all litteraly? thats not even sufficient enough for me to accept it

    Incase your wondering what i mean. i will explain like so!

    So we have

    PVP mode

    Build mode
    How about we make modes so that people can build their stuff in peace without disturbances
    As you might have heard about //Shift + F6\\ It is a very interesting tool to use to move objects to a destination!
    How about we put a limit to how far you can put it aligned to that according to the hitbox of the vehicle!
    Very smart idea but its very far fetched without any understanding of how to make
    BUT its a very cool idea to see in the future to make a server DEDICATED to build in peace
    The title would look somewhat like this
    [EU] Freezzer #CREATIVEBUILD #1-2 [/i|/v|/save|/load]
    [EU] Freezzer #BUILDMODE #1-2 [/i|/v|/save|/load]
    [EU] Freezzer #CREATIVE #1-2 [/i|/v|/save|/load]
    Command suggestions
    Some sort of barrier so that nobody messes with the builder. like a temporary claim zone that lasts for a day that you have to make again
    the command would probably be
    = /claim / ***radius*** max radius is the size of a claim flag claim.


    = /clearclaims ***Clears all the claims***

    = Do you like an area you always want to claim? | /reloadclaim


    = Want to allow someone to build in your claim?| /adduserclaim ***persons name***


    = Want to remove that person from your claim? | /removeuserclaim ***persons name***

    If anyone would enter the claim zone. They would be turned into Safezone mode. Wich is basically the one on the liberator for example. You cant place, Cant move the vehicles, Ez |

    Q=But how about cars! they can scoop it away!
    A= Maybe it will teleport them back out and there will be clear markings of the zone like on a claim


    Q=How about rockets?! Surely the safezone set barrier would not damage the car!
    A= Mostly yes But i have heard people getting their car blasted and their wooden planks just exploding off!
    Conclusion on the second Q&A Maybe modify the plugin to not be able to get rocket damage in the zone!
    Charges?. OFC you cant place in a set safezone
    I spent like an hour thinking of these
    I hope it will be taken in consideration!

    Have a good day! ^^^^

    Name : hace **You might have allready remembered me**

    Steam :

    Reason : Multiple cases of Extreme Toxicity

    Server : All

    Executor : RenegadeNine


    The actions that i have made in the past made me cringe in the position i am now.
    The actions that i have made against the staff were horrifying to begin with.
    I have hurted the community for the most shittiest reasons thinkable
    The actions i have done to this community are unthinkable by others.
    What made me realise my mistakes is that i finaly have grown up and
    have taken responsibility over the actions i have done in the past
    but what i have not apologized to is Renegade.
    I'm sorry for putting you in a shitty position and wasting your time just over a simple phrase.

    It appeared i just did not understand. but now i realised i need to fix my relations with the community
    I am sincerely sorry for commiting these unthinkable acts against the rules. and i am sincerely sorry for ruining Renegades day
    I am sincerely sorry for being a toxic kid in your servers, And i will do everything to fix this for once and for all
    Currently i am 14 years old, And in that time i realised just exactly what i did. It horrified me!
    And the fact that i denied some of the acts and blaming 50% on other, is just retarded!

    I now understand the consequences for commiting these horrifying acts.
    And i am sincerely sorry for not following the rules in the discord server
    And i will NOT use the excuse of "I was just a kid" thats just fucking stupid
    It will never be my goal to ruin this community once again

    In conclusion I really hope you can give me a second chance in correcting the childish acts i have performed on this server
    I was too stupid to understand. And im sincerely sorry to Renegade for wasting his time on a stupid shitty subject about a fucking phrase. And saying that i MUST get unbanned because i bought VIP is just lame. And the fact i lied i was 14! Its unthinkable!

    In a better conclusion. I will never do this again and i apologize for the things i did

    und das tut mir leid. meinen aktionen müssen nicht wieder gemachen
    und ja ich kann ein biche deutsche sprechen

    wenn du mit mir deutsch sprechen willst

    aiym suwwy

    I hope you have a good day! ^^