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    Are you actually incompetent or just ignorant? The debate was wether or not to have bleeding in sandbox, so all those fancy points you listed (rain,fall damage, stamina) is completly irrelevant. As for the actual topic (bleeding) your argument was that "people die a lot of times due to bleeding"

    First of all thats like saying remove the maplestrike because 50% of deaths are done with a maple.

    Second of all most people with 100%hp and reflexes that dosnt ressemble an old man with parkinson, can survive and heal up using medkit.

    As you said people with high ping cant heal up which makes sense, but that is where my point comes in "why remove a key feature because your ping sucks?"

    And also the shadowstalker is a high risk high reward gun, removing the high reward (bleeding, potential 1shot) is a really bad idea when talking about balance.

    If anyone is incompetent it is you