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    My Ingame name is YoodlingKid , and my steam name is also YoodlingKid , private name is grimstephjack

    I was muted by staff 2 hours earlier in Pei 1-1 server EU , due to Excessive Cursing , i said someone "KYS" yesterday , and got 3 days mute .

    i think i have learnt from my past 2 hourly mistake ,it was done in the heat of the moment , its very hard to resist the urge to roast back someone

    who swore on u , still ik its my mistake and i started the fight , i request u guys to unmute me . {sorry for my bad english}

    Suicide rates are rising in the country and i have crossed the limits of cursing this time .

    I will try to negotiate with the guy who i broke in a fight with , and will apologize to him if because its necessary.

    However i dont know about his iD link and his steam username.

    And please also tell me the punishments , like if violated a rule 2 times , do the next punishment extend ?

    aw man i should have kept that in mind , its hard to find his player id as idk when he is online but i can still help , i think it was around 3 hours before i posted this post , that this incident occured , if u guys see the chat in those hours at that time u still can get his player id.

    Involved Player(s): Psychotic Flame

    Offense: Racism

    Server: Pei 1-1 sandbox

    Time: approx 3-2 hours before i posted this


    Freezers Sandbox Pei 1-1 server,

    Lets say if i want to leave my current group ingame , and make my own group or join my friends group or invite another friend to my group INGAME , it dont works , when i try to accept an INVITATION of one of my friends group it dont works , i have tried clicking many times and still it dont budge out. I cannot team with strangers INGAME , this wasnt an issue before , help will be appreciated.

    "by clearing out racists" well aren't you a modern day robin hood, and yes coopah did think* of that, but my point rests. And also "Abuse is far more of a bigger offence than abuse" ? how does that work? and what exactly did this guy abuse?

    Dear Coopah i suggest you carefully read my post and then make a review about it cause your reviews are a liiiiittttle bit offensive.

    i am reporting racism cause on the report section it is clearly written on the top "cheats,bad language,abuse" and racism is far more of a bigger offence then abuse.

    if u guys "feel annoyed" by seeing my reports and feel pity for the players who are getting mute or sometimes "no punishment at all" ... its ok i will stop reporting then

    by clearing out racists i am trying to do something good for the server. "Coopah" didnt thought of that. :)

    {P.S} i posted their profile links but there seem to be an error so i have to edit and remove it.

    before seeing this post please see my Racism 2 and Racist 3 posts cause those post are on these below mentioned people who use racism every time.

    Racism 2 is on Im3potato while Racism 3 is on Icewolf…enshot/773903880480889691 , Mozzarella Flamedoggo aka Im3potato aka Im2dog ,he has 3 ids while one u took care off but he uses other ids to annoy and be offensive.…enshot/773903880480889425 , Icewolf being racist again

    they are not leaving me alone and call me using N-Word Nword everytime , staff u gotta do something about it please.

    and i didnt used apporiate format cause i already have posted about this 2 above mentioned people on my Racism 2 ,3 list

    take a good look at his ids he is clearly racist and he has another id if u look down in the comments.

    and yeah racisist people get ban or mute ?

    jets can be easily dealt with using matamorez,are faster for travelling,5 shots with grizzly and down.

    so it should not be trouble to anyone as players using jets are more then players not using jets.

    so i voted no