A message to server owners and staff: Please stop nerfing things.

  • I wrote this same text in a previous comment and want to display it where it can be more likely seen by staff and owners and everyone else in general:


    I believe you lost more players than you gained out of nerfing jets and other weapons. For many player's using jets was the best thing for them because they don't like having to spend several hours trying to get one in a survival server. By nerfing the jet you angered them, and THEY LEFT. Sometimes its these supposedly "OP" weapons and vehicles that draw players to this server. I know, I am one of them. I loved fighter jets. And you pretty much ruined a lot of the fun for me by nerfing jets. Please stop nerfing things.

  • however sad it is to see your favorite weapon or vehicle do practically no damage against your enemies you also have to remember that now that other people cant just mk 2 spam you

    I am willing to accept getting mk2 spammed if I can do the same in return XD

    Because everyone has access to the same weapons and vehicles it still depends on the player's skill level to determine if a fight is fair or not.

  • Then there wont be any weapon variety because everyone use that weapon because you'd just get killed if you use the others

    there might as well not be any variety if every gun's stats are the same.

    Also when it comes to voting on nerfs / buffs:

    Sometimes it is not the best idea to let the people vote directly on the issue. Most people wanted socialism in Venezuela and the majority voted for the leaders who would implement it. Unfortunately the majority is not always right and Venezuela's economy collapsed because of the votes of the majority.

  • Firstly, we are not a political party, we are a server network.
    We aspire to give our players the best possible gaming experience, thats why their feedback is so important to us so we can improve our servers and make them enjoyable for most people, obviously the team discusses about the changes and how it would impact the gameplay while meeting the expectations of most of the players, that being said, those are just some adjustments, the main changes are usually decided by the community as a whole. Also many companies operate in the same way and it is proven to be effective.