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    Ive made a shitty edited PvP montage, where I show off some of my recorded kills on the survival server.

    Excuse my friends talking in the background of basically every clip.

    I didnt use my own mic, as Shadowplay didnt wanna record it for some reason.


    Welcome to the official Born In Blood Forums!

    Here you will find all the information you may need about the gang.


    • Attitude - We like to maintain our good reputation with anyone, friend or foe and so unprofessional and disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated whilst in the gang.
    • Server Rules - Breaking the rules of the server is not allowed, being in the gang or not.
    • Teamwork - You should help gang members in need, within reason. You should never raid, mug, steal from or attack a fellow gang member.
    • Leadership - You should listen to and obey higher ranks, within reason.
    • Scam - You may not scam anyone whilst in the gang as this gives you a bad reputation, which will reflect on the gang as a whole.
    • Backstabbing - Under no circumstances is backstabbing allowed, as a gang we wanted to be seen as trusted and if you choose to backstab anyone the punishment will be severe.

    Failing to uphold these rules will lead to punishment


    • Slacking -Every role is important and has a purpose, do your best to fill the rank you are assigned to. Refusing or failing to do so may lead to you being demoted or discarded in the long run.
    • Recruitment - It is everyones responsibility to expand our gang, so if you meet someone, and you feel like they would make a nice addition to our roster, tell them to apply and vouch for them by thanking their application.

    Vouching - If there is no Honore or higher rank online, any guest entering a gang base will need a vouch from a member first, the member vouching will be personally responsible for any action the guest may take.

    Basing with other gangs - Any base not created by a gang member can be raided, however if gang members are found inside then attempt to save their valuables should be made.


    |G| Godfather - The owner of the gang, keeps track of what goes on in general.

    |V| Vendetta - The secondary leader of the gang, is in charge when no higher rank is online.

    |O| Omerta - The third leader of the gang, is in charge when no higher ranks are online.

    |M| Mafiaso - The fourth leader of the gang, is in charge when no higher ranks are online.

    |D| Don - The fifth leader of the gang, is in charge when no higher ranks are online.

    The leader in charge should make sure that there is always something for the members to do. He should also deal with questions or complaints that higher ranked members cannot deal with.
    Leaders not currently in charge will have the responsibilities of the Consigliere, in addition they should make sure that everyone is doing their jobs.

    |C| Consigliere -

    You will receive officer permissions and so you are responsible for inviting to and kicking assigned players from the gang, you can kick a player without it being confirmed by a leader, but this should only be done in extreme circumstances.

    You will deal with problems and arguments in the gang. Once youve dealt with an issue you should contact the current leader, and explain what happended in detail, then how you solved it.
    You will also be the one deciding on trials, by speaking to their assigned Honore after their week has passed, and then reporting to the current leader with your decision.

    |H| Honore -

    You are responsible for your assigned squad, it is your responsibility to make sure that everyone in your squad is having a good time and so you should contact the honore of another squad if one of your members is having issues with one of his, you should contact a Consigliere if a situation is becoming too much for you to handle.

    You should keep a good eye on any trial assigned to your squad, then report what you think to a consigliere after a week, and come to a decision.

    You do not receive officer permissions.

    |G| Graduated - The veteran rank, this rank will be assigned to you as a reward for your patience and service, it does not hold any permissions over Titled, but deserves respect. You will also be assigned to a squad.

    |T| Titled - The regular member rank, you have proved yourself worthy to be a part of the gang. You will also be assigned to a squad.

    |E| Enrolled - You have recently been accepted, and should prove yourself over the course of a week, the Honore of your assigned squad will decide on your membership by the end of that week.

    It is possible to skip this rank with the permission of a leader, but it requires trust and past experience.

    |R| Reserved - You may be assigned to the Reserved rank if you are not seen for a longer period of time.
    Whilst this rank you will be unassigned from all BIB squads and Ranks. If you return then you should notify one of the owners, so that you may be reassigned.


    Correct as of 06/12/2017


    Born In Blood is originally a gang from a Garrys Mod server that was founded during 2014 Summer,

    and is still active and one of the biggest gangs on the server it was founded on.

    I am bringing onto Freezzer aswell.

    We have a Born In Blood teamspeak, which you will get the IP to if you are in the gang.

    Joining fee

    Your left testicle, no questions asked.


    Keep in mind that we appreciate a well-written application and use of BBCode within reason.

    Applying for the gang


    There will not be a template for promotions, when we feel that we need to promote a new said rank, we will discuss at the end of the meeting, inviting all members at the same and higher rank.

    We will Schedule a meeting via this forum post, in form of a comment, so make sure that you stay updated If you are a Honore + and cannot attend Please notify the meeting host.

    We may also call for a global gang meeting if we feel the need to.


    We do not tolerate our members breaking our rules, or offending other players, so if you experience a born in blood member going out of line, feel free to contact a consigliere+ and explain your situation, you do not need to be in the gang to do this.

    Evidence of said issue will help a lot, but even without it, we will do our best to get to the bottom.

    People you may contact.

    Klaprefot -

    Feel free to discuss below, but please do not post anything unnecessary, malicious or irrelevant to the gang.

    Has to be the timber, because atleast you need a bit of skill to handle it.

    Unlike grizzly spammers on sandbox, children with no skill spamming down the scope, just gets annoying...

    Dear Renegade, you denied my last application, because I had 2 "recent" which are very hostile and uneeded, but I will not mention those words here, that kinda explains itself.

    The 2 aliases we are reffering to are names that I had on my steam account over half a year ago, and in my opinion that shouldnt affect my ability to staff well and be helpfull, hopefully you agree too.

    Proof they were used over half a year ago (Read at your own risk)


    *Welcome to my Support Staff Application*

    * Steam profile link + name:   And my current steam name is Klaprefot

    * Real name:


    * Age:

    16, soon to be 17.

    * Game and Freezzer play-time:

    My current unturned gametime is 787 hours, none are AFK hours. And my current Freezzer gametime is 78 hours and 48min as of now.

    * Recent/current weekly + daily play-time:

    I currently have a very weak recent gametime on Unturned, but I intend to build it up before this application will be reviewed. It is 0.8 hours.

    But I intend to play atleast 2-3 hours a day on schooldays, and 4-5 in the weekends.

    * About yourself:

    I am a 16 year old boy from Norway, who enjoys playing video games, having fun with friends, riding bikes, and more.

    * Why you would be well suited to become a Support-Staff:

    Because I am a very mature person, I am friendly, helpfull, and have a decent knowledge of the rules. I have a good knowledge of how to play Unturned, so I can easily help people that are in need of staffs help. I have been staff on multiple servers before, on different games from Garrys Mod to Unturned and more.

    I have never been banned on any Freezzer server. I work well with other staff members, and most likely wont have a problem with the other staff.

    I would like to thank you for reading my application, and hopefully you will accept me, so I can become a support staff member and help out more people :)