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    It was so much fun using them. Like I said in a different topic:

    There is a difference between a scrub and a good player. The scrub complains about things being OP while the good player tries to find ways to overcome them.

    Should we nerf grizzlies to make them as powerfull as sportshots so it can be a fair fight? NO! If fighter jets are OP then don't nerf them, use them. Plus they are easily countered by matamorez and other anti vehicle guns. Please unnerf them as it was not fair to all the people who loved being fighter pilots.

    Involved Player(s): Manigras: Steam ID:

    Offense: Aimbot

    Server: Freezzer Sandbox 1-4

    Time: March 9, 6:00 PM to about 7:00 PM, Time Zone: GMT -4


    Note: Manigras is somehow always able to lock onto my position even if I hide and one position, move to another and try to snipe him. Notice how he is able to immediately see me near the end of the video? I intentionally let him kill me at the end of the video to get his gamertag:

    Note: After 1:25 in the video it shows a perfect example of how he was able to instantly lock onto my position.

    Also after 6:30 in the video is shows another good example of how he was able to lock onto to me. In this instance he fired using what I think is a sharps rifle but I was able to move in time to dodge.

    Eh, any suggestions for urban areas?

    Spec ops gear. its dark colors blends in with the roads. Also general camo advice: Ditch showy cosmetics such as things that glow, have particle effects (ex:falling cash particles) . Only use cosmetics that make your character and your character's weapons blend in with your environment. For example I have a green calling card. Avoid wearing bright colors and things that stick out too easily. Also with spec opps, the head is weak because we don't have black colored helmets yet.

    I think that using the ghillie suit in sandbox is terrible idea. For one thing it allows you to get one shot to the head from a grizzly. Not only that but if the players you are hiding from turn grass off in their graphics setting it becomes even more useless. Therefore I present to you my version of good camouflage:


    A green parka, green daypack, forest military pants, vest and helmet, and a green balaclava make amazing camouflage especially at night in the forest. I have been using this suit for a while now and have had people try to shoot at me but miss a lot because I have become so hard to see. Also once they do finally lock onto you, it will take many more shots to kill you because this suit offers better armor. It can also survive headshots from a grizzly, making it a much better option than a ghillie suit in my opinion. Works great on PEI and Washington. For those trying to get better at pvp using camouflage, I hope this helps.

    The best way to counter a Hecate is to get close to the sniper. the gun is absolutely terrible for close quarters combat. Get a mid-range gun (at least 200 meter range). and sneak up on the Hecate user. This is how I often deal with them. Take my advice, I have a 2.69 KD and this advice has really helped me fend off snipers.

    Not to mention how fun it is scaring the crap out of unaware snipers who you sneak up on. The sound of rapid fire gunshots is enough to make anyone who is unaware jump in their seat.

    There is a difference between a scrub and a good player. The scrub complains about things being op while the good player finds a way to overcome them. Stop trying to nerf things. If the matamorez is such a good gun don't nerf it... USE IT! I am getting tired of people trying to nerf things... why don't we make grizzlys just as powerful as sportshots? So it can be a fair fight? NO. I used to enjoy fighter jets. But then they were nerfed. That ruined the fun for everyone who enjoyed being a fighter pilot.

    Just because a player is good does not mean they should be nerfed to make things fair. Doing that actually is unfair. People work hard trying to get better at games so they earned their skill FAIR AND SQUARE. Don't nerf something they worked hard to achieve.

    It was so much fun flying around in jets and taking out ground targets but player damage from fighter jets seems to have been reduced. Did the server nerf them or did the game's updates nerf them? I don't know what happened but its not fun shooting things with jets anymore it seems. If this is something done by the server please un-nerf them.