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    on 1-1 pei theres over 30 players every day

    Do u realize noone cares about 1-1...

    U can think of it as some other universe, like the one that makes u Uninstall the game, and throw ur computer out of ur window

    I belive its in the bottom right corner of the map.
    i was a member of that team however i dont think theyr rly glitching.... im not defending them or smthing i just never saw em doing that.

    So i wanted to mention a annoying bug.

    whenever i garage a vehicle with structures on it tjhe structures get deleted.

    pls fix that it is realy annoying as i cant drive in a safe vehicle......

    Steam profile link + name: link >

    Ign > Exor

    Real name: [Redacted by request]

    Age: 15

    Game and Freezzer play-time: game 680+, Freezzer 150+

    Recent/current weekly + daily play-time: i play very often. In holidays or when no shool max 10 hours daily if shool then most likely not or 1 hour. Weekly i would say 20 hours

    About yourself: I am Exor, I want to become support to help Freezzer be good for everyone. I also am the one that tries to get peace on survival x). I understand if i get rejected as to my latest rages and types in the needhelp channel. I also got needhelp timeout.

    Why you would be well suited to become a Support-Staff: I kinda want to give a 2nd chance like i mean with that that i wont insta ban a cheater or glitcher, instead i will try to ask them to not do it again, like a warning. If they do it again, then ban. I kind of was doing it for building tho but now i dont want that that much. Since 1. Its unfair to others.. 2. Its very op as you can move around all player structures. Although i had some great ideas.

    3. Its super easy to make glitchebases or Unraidable bases with it. Stacking walls etc.

    Im not applying for that anymore.

    I also am pretty active i actually sometimes play over whole day.

    I also want to mention that i rarely play on sandbox, instead im always playing on various survival servers. Theyre like a home for me :S.

    I like freezzer allot although sometimes i am mad which im rly sorry for.

    When someone would report something in needhelp channel i am able to come almost instant sometimes. Its just matter of exit timer on server im playing on. Or if i am playing something else than unturned it takes me rly short amount of time to start the game and server.

    I couldn't say perfect Playtime since my steam logged out which im sorry for.

    I hope you enjoyed my application.

    Have a good day everyone!

    Hello Im Sorry for a 2nd vote but i want to suggest making a safezone for players to safely build theyr bases and make a cool town.
    The Safezone Could be located between Harbor and Keryev.
    It could be a cool idea since some players like Peace and there is always no way for it, Since u can build a town somewhere but there will always be some kid that will think about raiding it and most likely will succed after some time.
    There could be more safezones but i dont think it would happen, i dont think safezones will come at all but i rly hope :P.
    Bye Everyone.

    Basically i had a suggestion of making all Subscriptions Above Gold to have the /skill command with maybe 2 hours cooldown.

    Or A kit Subscriptions above gold or buyable for 9.99 which would be /kit xp that could give maybe 8k xp with a 45 min cooldown like all other buyable kits.

    I think it would be fair for those who bought a subscription like Gold... Plat.... vip.

    That's all..:thumbup: