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  • Um how do I find Elitepus's server?
  • russia boi "putrik"
    in a nutshellerino
  • Noice Duck
  • Putr1k, just asking, can i pls get second chance? I never did something wrong before.
    • What exactly do you mean by second chance?
      Are you asking for a permission to make another Ban Appeal, or to get unbanned, or something else by any chance?
  • I show you the the place and i didn't keep it at secret, i did the right thing, I told to staff about something is against the rules: glitch base i guess.
    so pls unban me because i didn't keep it as a secret
  • why i'v got banned??? i show you the base, i tryed to help, i just watch my friends building it i have nothing there is mine.
    i disconnect after some mins, and it was still, after some mins i'v told you about it because its not allowed, pls unban me i just tryed to help. no one can kill from this place, only inside you can do damage to people you can't shoot throw the ground or throw anywhere if you inside.
    pls uban me i didn't build the floor there, i just watch my friend building it with his friends, I didn't know how to report and if i do know, i will report about it because freezer servers is the best sandbox ever!

    Thank you, DarkDJ