A Freezzer Creative Build mode server?!

  • Incase your wondering what i mean. i will explain like so!

    So we have

    PVP mode

    Build mode
    How about we make modes so that people can build their stuff in peace without disturbances
    As you might have heard about //Shift + F6\\ It is a very interesting tool to use to move objects to a destination!
    How about we put a limit to how far you can put it aligned to that according to the hitbox of the vehicle!
    Very smart idea but its very far fetched without any understanding of how to make
    BUT its a very cool idea to see in the future to make a server DEDICATED to build in peace
    The title would look somewhat like this
    [EU] Freezzer #CREATIVEBUILD #1-2 [/i|/v|/save|/load]
    [EU] Freezzer #BUILDMODE #1-2 [/i|/v|/save|/load]
    [EU] Freezzer #CREATIVE #1-2 [/i|/v|/save|/load]
    Command suggestions
    Some sort of barrier so that nobody messes with the builder. like a temporary claim zone that lasts for a day that you have to make again
    the command would probably be
    = /claim / ***radius*** max radius is the size of a claim flag claim.


    = /clearclaims ***Clears all the claims***

    = Do you like an area you always want to claim? | /reloadclaim


    = Want to allow someone to build in your claim?| /adduserclaim ***persons name***


    = Want to remove that person from your claim? | /removeuserclaim ***persons name***

    If anyone would enter the claim zone. They would be turned into Safezone mode. Wich is basically the one on the liberator for example. You cant place, Cant move the vehicles, Ez |

    Q=But how about cars! they can scoop it away!
    A= Maybe it will teleport them back out and there will be clear markings of the zone like on a claim


    Q=How about rockets?! Surely the safezone set barrier would not damage the car!
    A= Mostly yes But i have heard people getting their car blasted and their wooden planks just exploding off!
    Conclusion on the second Q&A Maybe modify the plugin to not be able to get rocket damage in the zone!
    Charges?. OFC you cant place in a set safezone
    I spent like an hour thinking of these
    I hope it will be taken in consideration!

    Have a good day! ^^^^