Regards to changes made on Freezzer

  • Freezzer is banning or nerfing more and more "unbalanced" weapons such as rockets, Matamorez, and HMG. Even though most player base stayed, some player base was driven away because even though the weapons are unbalanced, they are pretty fun to use. I think that Freezzer could remove or nerf these items in some servers while keeping others original so that people can still enjoy these items somewhere.

  • I think you might have misunderstood my message. Let me give you an example. Say server 1-1 and server 2-4. Server 1-1 is usually filled with players who focus more on pure combat. So maybe apply the changes such as nerfed weapons on that server. Server 2-4 on the other hand, is a bit unpopular. So these changes and nerfs don’t need to be applied on this server. This way Freezzer could have servers with balanced weapons and also servers with original unturned stats. It might also help to boost the player base.