No bleeding on Sandbox

  • Get a better kdr than 13 is ez when you start but the longer you play it drops and depending on your determination it can increase or decrease. When I first started Sandbox a year ago with some friends I didn't care I was just going crazy doing fun stuff. When I realized that it had stats I started working and in a few months I got it to up to a 1.66

    Sandbox is just a fun gamemode, but people camping with Shadowstalkers is a cheap move and almosthe nobody can survive it

  • This is like the 3rd time you've used inappropriate language towards a player & tried to bash a person for "sucking at the game" (while making a post about wanting the removal of a feature because you dont posess the skill to counter it) Not very mod like behaviour and very hypocritical of you

    - Lol please, don't even start this.

    And its not hard to get fully geared in unturned, nor is it difficult to kill a fully geared guy with small guns like Calling card etc.

    - Still doesn't deny the fact that the longer you play, the more op you become. And calling card isn't a "small gun". A "small gun" is a colt.

    And grinding for gear is a part of the game, much like bleeding.(you sure you even like unturned? you seem to want all the features removed)

    - Yea grinding for gear is part of the game, yea sure, did I say anything about that? And please stop saying I want all the features removed. I've been playing in Freezzer with rain, no infinite stamina, bleeding enabled etc for a long period. Get the "acid is shit so he wants these removed" thing out of your mindset.

    Sandbox is nothing but people flying around in planes & using rocket launchers for the heck of it, anyone with half a brain can go on and tryhard for a few hours and get a kdr much better then 13, but when they do die because they got outskilled, its expected of them to go online and make a post whining about the game itself and expecting the server owner to make justifications in the game it self where they lack the skill.

    - You sure can talk big. I'd like to see you achieve a 13 KDR after 30k+ kills. It's not just about people flying in planes and using rocket launchers lol, you're just assuming things. I can make a new account and go 100-1, yea sure, but try maintaining it for a longer time. I die all the time because I get outplayed, I'm not denying it. But I'm not "making a post whining about the game itself". I've already explained this plenty of times, please stop being ignorant.

    Your ultimate reason is that I suck at the game that's why I want these removed. If I suck that bad, I don't think I'd be able to get a 13+KDR with 36k+ kills, achieve a 17 (and increasing) KDR with over 200 wins in Freezzer's arena, have a 8+KDR (being top 8 in the world), have 55k+ kills (being top 2 in the world) and have over 3.5k arena wins (being top 1 in the world). All these while having a minimum ping of 200 in every server I play in.

    Your edgy statement "git gud or get rekt" has just been shutdown completely. Know your place please before talking about skill.