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    I know I just meant that you can't really take away HMG boxes because of those things. You even liked my post where I said that jets were easy to use

    How does me agreeing that jets are easy to use got to do with anything? :O I was never suggesting removal of HMG boxes BTW. I want the jet removed, not HMG boxes.

    I agree. The gameplay in the Sandbox servers is literally braindead. People are just flying around with jets (with plates etc built on them). Something definitely needs to be done to improve the PvP aspect. On one hand you might argue, oh this is a SANDBOX server so I want people to be able to spawn whatever they want. Well here's my argument: Jets have been out for quite some time now. I'm pretty sure everyone has had their fun with jets. Jets bring absolutely zero value to Sandbox servers. They are obnoxious and create a mess. I've heard and witnessed so many people who stopped playing on Freezzer solely due to the fact that jets exist. There is 0 skill involved when using jets and every noob can kill a good player. It has gone to the point where jets are literally cancer.

    Let's bring back the good old days where people use Sandpipers and Otters for transport.

    Oh oops I thought I said Discord evidently not. My apoligies. I meant to say that I made a report on Discord first and there were people online but no one did anything.

    Having staff online doesn't mean they are available to review your report.

    I definitely won't mind the removal of leg breaking. It is very annoying when you jump off a simple rock and break your legs, making you completely vulnerable for a few seconds as you take time to heal yourself.

    I agree with ZemoN on the point that people mostly play Sandbox for PvP and leg breaking is not necessary.

    It takes more than one shot to kill, doesn't shoot too fast and has barely any range, if you see someone with it the don't go within 5 meters of them. It's not rocket science

    If I'm not wrong, as long as the person is close to you (shotgun range), it is a one shot kill. Even if it's not a one shot kill, it doesn't take much skill to ensure 2 hits. It actually shoots fast and seeing how the damage output is extremely high at close range, I can see how it is annoying for others. It's pretty much like the XM in CS:GO. It doesn't have good range naturally because it's a shotgun, people won't rush at you from 50m with it. People normally equip it while waiting in houses, around corners or if they're rushing you behind a fence etc.

    However that being said, it is in the game and people are free to use it. I'm not agreeing to ban it as it's not overly broken/overpowered.

    Stop trying to be smart please. We can't please everyone that is why we have blacklisted the HMG box. It is not pay to win. A player with a subscription has several perks and this is just another one of them; being able to spawn 3 HMG boxes per hour.

    Here you are still nagging on the fact that I was not being "punished". I believe that the decision is made by the staff team and not you. You simply couldn't take a joke and got butthurt over the fact that I said something childish. Mind you, you are the guy who said "hey i'm a butthurt unskilled player, can we remove guns ? where do i start a poll ? pls thanks.". This already showed what kind of person you are.

    "this means, if you kill him you will be banned. If he is jealous of you, you will be banned. You use a gun he doesn't like, you and the gun will be banned (gun not banned for him for obvious reasons)." How is this even true? In what case did I ban someone who killed me? In what case did I ban someone whom I was jealous of? (I don't even know jealous of what lol cos it never happened). The jet has been an annoying vehicle ever since Nelson decided to make the ammo explosive. I am not the only one who dislikes it, a lot of other players also dislike it.

    So please, show some respect and stop talking like you know it all. Cheers :)

    I think that if you are banning jet ammo don't make it so that people who can pay get an advantage and can spawn it in. That is pay to win

    They can only spawn 3 boxes per hour so I don't think that's a huge advantage.