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    Timberwolves is good. First sniper rifle added in the game I believe. I use it on arenas because if you camp a house they come 8n and BOOM headshot 1 shot kill(done this too many times to count). And since it has your shots, you can kill 6 people.

    I just really dislike the grizzly.

    The ekho hasa really nice sound when firing, but it has really rare ammunition and the bullet drop with the scopes is still bugged on ekho, maybe when they fix the ekho, it will be usefull.

    And the sabertooth is just not comparing to theese 3, so timberwolf wins :P also i like bolt action rifles.

    That's the exact reason why we have multiple servers and a synced balance.

    While i appreciate that its not on every server, and the shared balance & vault on the same region servers, its still annoying for people who big bases & etc on a specific server, that suddenly gets the new broken view model.

    I've played in 3rd person before you can't see through walls without hugging it, and in Unturned when you hug a wall you clip through and you can get injured from getting hit. 3rd person has advantages in some situations, but it can decrease accuracy meaning you have a higher chance of getting killed

    I dont mean to be an asshole.. but this guy just confirmed you can see through walls, ill agree they did something to fix it, but its not all the way there, so maybe leave it off until its no longer broken? + peakers advantage + 3rd person encourages boring & dull playstyles, where as first person isnt broken, worked fine on the servers, and encourages different playstyles(+ it allows for more customization)

    I'd like to see this "stuff you're not supposed to see". You keep insisting that you can "look through walls", I'd like to see that. It's not broken. Just get good. Everyone has third person enabled. So if you're not gonna/don't like to use it, don't complain when people use it to kill you. I don't know why you're going on and on about third person. There's nothing wrong with it.

    You just know this community has some golden Moderators when all this one does is respond "git gud" to a legit suggestion that we remove a broken feature, with proper reasoning, 10 points to slytherin.

    Hey Coopah,

    I believe it was the point to have half of the servers both perspectives and the other half vehicle third but it sucks that you had your main freezzer server switched to both perspectives; I know how you feel because the same thing happened to me and now I have to switch over to a different server because I would much prefer vehicle third. I do want to mention though that the servers aren't split evenly between the two perspective types for the [ENG/US] servers. Both of the Washington maps are the same type (both perspectives) and both PEI maps are the same type (vehicle third). I hope I'm not wrong about that because I only checked this morning and that problem may have already been found and fixed by now, just thought that it was relevant to the topic. The change is good but for me and you both we'll have to move ourselves/team to another freezzer server. Keep in mind that items in your vault and all the money you have will be accessible from all freezzer servers of the same group (i.e EU, US, GER).


    I see where you're coming from, from what i remember there is only EU russia servers with third person as of this moment, i could be wrong but im not sure. Even if i was wrong, it still sucks that half the servers have broken pvp features, especially when those servers could be where you build your base, you cant move the base, and moving all your items in the small vault we have would take forever.

    You can't look through walls with third person. It gives advantages but YOU also have that advantage so it's fair. Play smart. Third person is a feature in Unturned.

    Thats just blatantly wrong, they said that they fixed it, but it can still be used to see stuff you're not supposed to see. "Third person is a feature in unturned" Yeah.... its a broken feature.. thats why most decent server have it disabled, hence why im so upset that they've enabled it again on some of the freezzer servers.

    Peakers advantage as in the issue in Rainbow Six Siege where you can peak super-fast and you won't appear there for the enemy you are peaking?

    Yeah also known from counter strike, its basically that they peaker can see you and aim at you way before you have a chance of aiming at them, its even worse in a game like unturned with such a low tick compared to the previously mentioned games like csgo and rainbow six siege.

    Could we please remove the newly implemented 3rd person on some of the EU servers. Its still buggy as hell ( looking through walls & etc) + it gives crazy unfair advantages such as peekers advantage, you can also use it to see people before they can see you(also crazy op) especially in a game like unturned with such a low tickrate (+the natural latency there will be on servers) makes it so you can see someone coming around the corner, prepare and prefire before they even have a second to react. 1st person only was working and balanced. (+ it allows for more different playstyles, crosshair, sights, etc)

    Military stuff for everyday looting bases / military locations & potential kills, if i know im going into intensive combat, spec ops is more resisitant, so spec ops ftw.

    It's not, atleast not for now. Maybe you will be able to cancel your offer in the future.

    Whats the reason for this? surely people will accidently place something at a wrong price, and just have the item be lost forever?

    Especially when the plugin works really bad with prices, i tried putting a honeybadger at "199,99" and it just put the gun at 19999. Thats never getting sold, so i guess i lost a honeybadger.

    Jokes aside, Maplestrike is the best assault rifle, it's range and extra 64 bullets can make a huge difference, plus it's much easier to use in third person than a matamorez.

    Thirdperson...lul i thought this was a serious discussion

    Uhh I don't think you know what you're talking about. 150m is very short and the maplestrike doesn't have high recoil. The honeybadger can outgun the maplestrike but aren't we talking about matamorez vs maplestrike (both primaries) in the first place.

    "Have done, am doing & will keep doing." - Wew skilled player, good job.

    lmao you were the one who brought up other guns vs the maplestrike, so nice try mate.

    The fact that it has 150m makes the matamorez NOT a sniper. By definition, a sniper is a guy who shoots from a far distance and 150m isn't a far distance. Also what do you mean the maplestrike is too shaky? :P

    The honeybadger is a secondary weapon, not a rifle. Heartbreaker, yea one can use it as it has a high damage output but also low rate of fire and higher recoil. Sabertooth? Really? You're gonna outgun a maplestrike with a sabertooth? Hehe xd

    150m is still a far distance. The maplestrike has high recoil and not alot of dmg.

    And just because honeybadger is a secondary weapon dosnt mean it cant outperform the maplestrike.

    "Really? You're gonna outgun a maplestrike with a sabertooth? Hehe xd"

    - Have done, am doing & will keep doing.

    Last time I checked the grizzly has a range of 300m and the matamorez a range of 150m so I doubt you can classify the matamorez as a sniper. Also why do you say the Maplestrike is a bad assault rifle? It's the best in my opinion.

    How does comparing its stats to another gun affects the guns use? i dont see the logic. And the maplestrike is just too shaky, you have alot of better options for a riffle, honeybadger,heartbreaker & sabertooth to name a few.

    So i was playing on one of the EU PEI maps when i accidently placed a item at wrong price and i couldnt find a command for cancelling a market listing in your commands section here on the site, and i was wondering if there even is one, and what it is.