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    First of all you clearly are incompetent, you just contradicted yourself.. twice.

    Example numero uno:

    You said "You must know that I'm not trying to remove bleeding because I keep dying from shadowstalker headshots"

    But also said: "Bleeding - People die a lot of times due to bleeding, especially due to shadowstalker headshots."

    Example numero dos:

    You said this: "Also please stop trying to provoke me by saying that I'm incompetent or ignorant. Be respectful."

    While also saying this to me: "Let me just restate my points for the benefit of our clueless friend here, Coopah." - How is that not trying to provoke me & not very respect full of you, a moderator.

    And second of all: "There's no need for bleeding, what's the point of that? You're not actually killing the guy, you're just making him bleed out."

    Shooting someone in the head with one of the best sniper riffles in the game surely is killing him, they might die from the bleeding, but you still landed the headshot(high risk) and because of that, is likely he will die 2-3 seconds after that. (the reward)

    You're not bleeding him from 100-0, You're hitting him in the head for 95% and he is now bleeding and has to heal very quick in order not to die.

    P.S "Trust me, even people with good ping 90% can't heal up."

    I'll leave you with wise words my father once told me


    " Git gud or get rekt"

    Are you actually incompetent or just ignorant? The debate was wether or not to have bleeding in sandbox, so all those fancy points you listed (rain,fall damage, stamina) is completly irrelevant. As for the actual topic (bleeding) your argument was that "people die a lot of times due to bleeding"

    First of all thats like saying remove the maplestrike because 50% of deaths are done with a maple.

    Second of all most people with 100%hp and reflexes that dosnt ressemble an old man with parkinson, can survive and heal up using medkit.

    As you said people with high ping cant heal up which makes sense, but that is where my point comes in "why remove a key feature because your ping sucks?"

    And also the shadowstalker is a high risk high reward gun, removing the high reward (bleeding, potential 1shot) is a really bad idea when talking about balance.

    Your comment was also off-topic, this discussion is about bleeding in sandbox, lets keep it that way

    Off topic was it ?! The debate was wether or not to have bleeding in sandbox, and the ONLY ARGUEMENT for removing it was the ping, so me talking about ping,servers & location is the furthest thing from off topic, don't start if you don't know what you're talking about.

    It wasn't just for Acid, it was for all users from Eastern Europe/ Asia

    My point stands though? Why remove a feature that you dont like because your ping sucks. Either wait for an asia server on freezzer, play on other asian servers or quit whining(:

    So because your ping sucks we have to remove a somewhat big feature on all servers just for you?

    This is sandbox, it should ressemble the standard gamemode as close as possible, except for being able to spawn whatever you want, hence sandbox.

    It was meant as an example, Let's say guns in this matter then.

    But then again... its not super hard just telling them to do /sell (ID) Amount and just have a ID list open and ready :P or just do /sell and dragNdrop whatever they wanna sell

    True, I use the calling card for my secondary slot in first person servers as the hipfire is better than that of the honeybadger.

    Oh yeah... freezzer have 3rd person servers, i had forgotten all about them.

    Im dissapointed in the lack of support for the calling card, crazy dmg, firing speed & you can hipfire the thing at crazy distances. 100% the best secondary for me.

    Is it against the rules, they are glitching using door and so on...

    No glitching/exploiting.

    There are guys under the ground on freezer#3 Washington under scorpion 7

    players are complaining about them, thanks :D

    Just fetch a mod or admin on the ts, its definitly against the rules & banable

    The bullet drop isn't bugged, every gun is just different. Ekho in this case has less bullet drop, even its ammo box is inserted from the side making it different from other weapons.

    The ammo box from the site is irrelevant and just a cosmetic, and the bullet drop is bugged, if you use a rangefinder and a 8x, 7x or 16x times scope, the dots on the scope which usually mark 50,100,150,200,250,300M, dont work for the ekho.. like they do every other sniper and assault riffle.(except for shadowstalkers obv)