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  • ok thanks, i know this is probably not the right place but i dont have discord, i was raided the other day, i do not have any problem with that i actually enjoy raids, however, i was on at the time and they managed to destroy all my metal wardrobes and lockers my base was a 5x4 and the entire floor was metal lockers, thats a lot of things to destroy. as i said i was on at the time and they were using shadow stalkers. i know as the sound is so distinctive, also they were mk2 as they were rapid firing. my question is are you able to check logs as i was of the understanding that you cannot get ammo apart from the first one you get with the gun. is there a bug or exploit that means you can get more. its on the russia server
  • hi your servers servers seem to be continually down. they come up but keep going down. i think it says the link to the steam network
    • We're aware however it's unfortunately being caused by a game fault outside of our control. A fix will hopefully be deployed soon.
  • hi im trying to log on to unturned but its saying im banned, i have done nothing to deserve this also when your looking into it could you please do something about the aim bots ppl are using at the moment its getting silly
  • so my friend told me you can check my ban appeal so if you can i will be thankful
  • Hello! would you like to look into my application?
  • just as the support left = me
  • hace you naughty boy
  • welp how do i delete my account?
  • say bye to those 7 EUROS i bought VIP with
  • Hello there RenegadeNine before 1,2 years i got banned from all freezer servers for riterally no reason.Everytime i connect to a freezer server it just kicks me and says that im banned and the thing is that it doesnt tell me whu? and im a normal player that enjoys playing the game with some friends and i was never a cheater or a glitcher. I know that you wont believe me but man please unban me because its been like 2 years from when i was last on a server like this even if im guilty by something i think i ve served my sentence!!!,but who am i to deside so have a nice day:)
  • bro pls help i am new in the game i was looking for servers in google then i find yourl wanna i gone connect it tell me your password is inccorct pls help
  • look above me, he replies to almost every staff application lmao
  • RenegadeNine, I just got banned from the servers because i was in a glitch base/place when i told a staff about it, i was inside, because i was playing with a friend and he was with his friends and when i come they start build a glitch base in the cave at PEI, i was with them for some mins then i disconnect and after i come back i was still there to i go out from there for some mins and then I'v seen a staff at the server so I told him about the base and he saw and banned me, I didn't build anything in the base I never knew about this glitch place, pls fix it for not other players will get banned like me when they want to help.
    Pls unban me i tryed to help.
    Thank you, DarkDJ
  • Appears to be... a cop
  • Why you closed my ban appeal thread?
  • Noice dude
  • i have a problem in one vanilla server dude
  • I mean maybe you can make i command for make for loads a names
  • dis guys ban me shitta
  • hello renegade??
  • how do you get in a sever? Also can you tell me how to get in multiplayer??
  • Renengade i need to talk to you
    About banned multiplaying :(
  • oh if is for something like my english ok,i can understand and i agree, but if it is for my name no
  • sorry if i'm taking your time, but i want an answer, if u found something offfensive in thet name, tell me what, i will learn something, and if u want speack better somewhere, tell me, i know thet the forum isn't good for this
  • And what du u care about thet name? are old name, and after all are not offensive, MEIN FURHER mean my guide, is not offensive, in germany still use it, Stalin is only a politic man, so, tell me where are offensive things
  • i can't stand thet only for thet name, i can't have a chance, this make no sens
  • if u want u can speack whit me in discord for see what person i'm
  • rlly only for thet name? it was for joking, was in a mow clan, rlly i'm not thet person
    if is only for it, pls think about it
  • renegade how do i apply there?
  • sir ban this guy his glitching right now on 2-5 sandbox creative pls sir his glitching right now! plus he has friends with him his glitch is under map glitch he did it twice! please sir take care of this!