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  • My name is Ciro, I'm 16 and I live in Italy. I am a simple person, calm guy who loves to have fun, I always want to learn new things and love Anime, but obviously even videogames. my favourite is unturned, love it. For some time I've discovered sandbox servers like this thet is my favorite, I play often, indeed, now only play this and some Italian Rp, I have a lot of experience in this game, 1100h I have been admin on other servers for example UNTURENDLORD. When I play I always do my best and is horrible be killed from people thet get out of the ground becouse they glich, I'm still calm and I try to contact some admin to solve the problem, becoming moderator would mean doing it alone and then to be able to help the server better, I know there are a lot of people who want to become it, but anyway I want to try it because if I do not try it I will never succeed, I hope to be able to convince you with this short text thanks for the time!