Ban Appeal

  • Name : Son (Felix Schoner)

    Steam :

    Reason : 4 or 3 cases of Extreme Toxicity

    Server : 1-2

    Executor : RenegadeNine


    I have lost all of my reputation in the Freezzer community because of all I have done.

    It will always be proof of me doing something wrong if someone tries to cancel me.

    I have learnt from my mistakes now, but I still didn't fully apologize.
    I am sincerely sorry to the staff steam for wasting their time on some toxic kid.


    Now that I look back at those things I just wonder what was wrong with me.

    The fact that I denied some of the rule breaks is just stupid.

    I now understand the consequences for not following simple rules.

    I won't use any stupid excuses anymore.


    In conclusion I hope you can give me a second (technically fifth) chance in correcting my mistakes and being a normal human being on the server.

    I was too much of a clown to understand my mistakes and why breaking rules isn't funny or normal.

    I was still a clown in the previous appeals, this time I really mean it.


    TL:DR I was stupid before I will never do this again and I'm sorry.

    Also sorry spamming soviet anthem lyrics in the discord server.

  • As highlighted in the response to your previous appeal, you will remain banned permanently and any further appeals you make will be rejected. Appeal rejected.

    Thread Closed

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