Ban appeal.

  • Steam profile:nanazezo177(BlazingFlame)

    Reason for ban:Glitching

    Date of ban:03.06.17

    Server you were banned on:sandbox#1-1

    Staff member who banned you (leave blank if you don't know):

    Why you think you should be unbanned:I really love this server andI play it every day and This is my first time getting banned on any game I  learned my lesson I wanted to see how the glitch in holmans worked.what I did was not acceptable and I will never do it again and I am very sorry now I understand to never glitch . Please can you find any way to unban me I even got my friends to play on it so please can you think about unbanning me or is there any way to get unbanned.

  • Bans for glitching do not get lifted unless evidence is provided proving innocence, or If the punishment has been served for lengthy periods of time (close to a year) at which point we possibly consider the possibility that a player is both sorry and has learnt his or her lesson.

    On these grounds your appeal is DENIED