Ban appeal

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    Name : hace **You might have allready remembered me**

    Steam :

    Reason : Multiple cases of Extreme Toxicity

    Server : All

    Executor : RenegadeNine


    The actions that i have made in the past made me cringe in the position i am now.
    The actions that i have made against the staff were horrifying to begin with.
    I have hurted the community for the most shittiest reasons thinkable
    The actions i have done to this community are unthinkable by others.
    What made me realise my mistakes is that i finaly have grown up and
    have taken responsibility over the actions i have done in the past
    but what i have not apologized to is Renegade.
    I'm sorry for putting you in a shitty position and wasting your time just over a simple phrase.

    It appeared i just did not understand. but now i realised i need to fix my relations with the community
    I am sincerely sorry for commiting these unthinkable acts against the rules. and i am sincerely sorry for ruining Renegades day
    I am sincerely sorry for being a toxic kid in your servers, And i will do everything to fix this for once and for all
    Currently i am 14 years old, And in that time i realised just exactly what i did. It horrified me!
    And the fact that i denied some of the acts and blaming 50% on other, is just retarded!

    I now understand the consequences for commiting these horrifying acts.
    And i am sincerely sorry for not following the rules in the discord server
    And i will NOT use the excuse of "I was just a kid" thats just fucking stupid
    It will never be my goal to ruin this community once again

    In conclusion I really hope you can give me a second chance in correcting the childish acts i have performed on this server
    I was too stupid to understand. And im sincerely sorry to Renegade for wasting his time on a stupid shitty subject about a fucking phrase. And saying that i MUST get unbanned because i bought VIP is just lame. And the fact i lied i was 14! Its unthinkable!

    In a better conclusion. I will never do this again and i apologize for the things i did

    und das tut mir leid. meinen aktionen müssen nicht wieder gemachen
    und ja ich kann ein biche deutsche sprechen

    wenn du mit mir deutsch sprechen willst

    aiym suwwy

    I hope you have a good day! ^^

  • Appeal accepted however should you break the rules or even get close you will be banned permanently - no appeal, no DMs to admins, no nothing. You will not be allowed on Freezzer again.

    Thread Closed

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