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    K/D charts? As in this?

    yes, if you take a look at the ENG/EU and ENG/US and also ENG/GER survival servers you can see that not only are they incomplete (US only has 2 players) but they are also incorrect, for refference, i myself have a KD of 4.2 and Danielxp has a KD of 13.1 (last i checked)

    not sure how these charts are calculated but you might wanna have a look.


    Nice choice to limit the leader boards to only the top 10 (top 15 would be nice so i could be in it :D kidding), but i noticed that for the survival servers the K/D charts are a bit off. Some of them dont even have 10 players on them.



    he just looks like a good player to me buddy, and even if you were to say he was hacking, what kind if hacks are you accusing him of using? wall-hack would help in 3 of those videos, but where you got shot in the back in the middle of the street - proves nothing. Aim assist is possible, but there is no evidence of his character shaking around just after he killed you as is obvious of Aimbotters.

    Currently the kill-feed in survival servers shows where a player was shot and how much health the shooter had: <player A> was shot in the <body part> by <player B> <hp%>. It would be nice to also include the distance and/or the weapon used - kinda like in the sandbox servers.

    Just an idea,



    I cant help but agree with Osephyr, but i don't think just upping the cost will help too much. Its not overly hard to get money on the server if you know what your doing, and the people who are going to be buying enough Charges to raid a base will be pretty experienced on the server - thus having enough money to cover any bill. I would like to propose removing the Demolition Charge from the shop and only leaving the precision charge. This will allow players to exert much more localized damage to bases unless they craft the charges themselves, requiring level 3 crafting.

    This would mean however that players could still buy the ingredients to a Demo charge and make it, however that is still considerably more expensive ($70). Or if removing it seems pointless you could just up the price to $70.

    Thanks for your swift reply,

    593 hours on unturned. and around 15-20 hours per week on the servers on average. varies quite a lot from week to week depending on schedule.


    little bit about me: Im a 20 year old architecture student living in london. I grew up in Holland, and with multinational parents i speak English, Dutch, Portuguese fluently whilst having a very good understanding of german and spanish.

    Ive been on a couple of your servers (sandbox #1-4 and #2-6, Arena #2-2) and play regularly on one of your survival servers ([ENG] russia #7). I am always active chat and give assistance to players where and when i can. Id like to help you guys and your growing server community, and although I have a busy student schedule, I get online when i can. I have experience in staffing gaming communities - albeit not in unturned; i have been (and still am) staff on a medium player base minecraft server for 2.5 years now, so monitoring chat and spying potential hackers isnt new to me.

    I look forward to hearing back from you :S,

    thanks for your consideration,

    9phoenix9 - Daniel/Dan