Ban the Jet

  • Ban jet 32

    1. No (19) 59%
    2. Yes (13) 41%

    The jet was recently added. It seemed cool and everyone wants to fly one. Well they aren't fun everyone just blows up, you can't kill them with a great deal of effort, and half the server uses them. They are causing a lot of server lag because so many are being spawned. What's your opinion?

  • I think the vote reflects the annoyance of the jet with CURRENT parameters. What i mean by this is, even if people don't like the way the jet is currently being used - I don't think blacklisting is the right solution:

    It could have a 1-5min spawn cooldown (either fixed or variable depending on how many you spawned recently).
    It could be a "killstreak reward" so after a certain number of kills you get one (regardless of deaths - so less good players can still fly them).

    Freenex is a talented guy, so we can potentially invent other plugins to reduce the negative impact of the jet...
    So lets not pull the trigger too fast on banning the jet.

    Just a thought,



  • 10k/10 idea

  • In my opinion the jet is balanced and gives a new playstyle. I'm talking about Sandbox 3-1 Seattle. If someone is up on the needle (almost always) then you need a way to get rid of them. You have the helicopter, but that is a bit slow and can be shot down/ have you shot out of it easily. Having the jet lets you break their defenses so you can get out and kill them yourself. Because of the player being a small target compared to the jet I find it hard to kill players with it. The jet can take 5 grizzly shots, or 1 magazine, so it isn't too durable, considering it's a sandbox server. Another thing you may think is unfair is the fact you can get into a place quickly and hang glide to somewhere easily. This is not true because if it is a populated area such as Seattle you will most likely be a target and shot at. While holding a hang glide or umbrella you can not shoot back. Once again I feel the jet is balanced and should not be blocked from being spawned.

    -Update 5/19/2017

    The jet popularity is already dwindling. I occasionally see one or two, maybe three. But really they aren't too popular anymore. People have started to realize they aren't the most OP thing in the world. Sure they can be powerful, but they are situational, and the situations they are good aren't all the time.

  • Hello there,

    My opinion on jets is that they're expensive as hell for all regular users and that's fine the way it is right now.

    Not "everyone" has a Jet and not "everyone" is lagging the Servers to hell by flying one.

    You have to realize that everytime something new comes to the game people will test it out.

    It's comparable to a hype - everyone uses it for a few days and then only the true "fans" will continue to use it after that period.

    I mean, come on - look at Fidget Spinners. Almost the same thing.

    See you,

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