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    How is that a problem? This is literally fixing one of the problems survival servers on freezzer have had for a long time.

    Surely it should be that people who spend time farming for good guns / gear shouldnt be 2shot by any naked with a kit.

    I like this solution alot, props to op.

    I agree that a desert falcon is not a fair gun in a kit, the fact that it can pose a decent threat to someone who has looted for 2+ hours isn't really fair.
    BUT with weapons like the colt and the nail-gun i think it is entirely fair that a kit starter can stand a good chance against a geared player.

    Its addressing a question of incentive at this point: When someone joins the server they don't want to feel like they are completely powerless for the first hour of the game, for me as a fully geared player on most of your servers, I is boring when i want to pvp and all the players are either naked or have no gun... a challenge (even a small one) is always welcomed.



    Phoenix That's wrong. "" is still up to date. A lot of players only find this way on our servers!

    Sora Maybe you have bad eyes? I can read this without problems. I don't think we need to change that. Furthermore, black due to our CI would not be possible. :)

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    Apologies, Freenex showed it to me as the "old" website, I misunderstood.

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    Hey guys,

    I have noticed in my recent base raiding that the Nykorev degrades too fast for 1 drum.

    After 200 bullets (1 full drum) it ends up on between 42-47% durability... which means by the end of ONLY 1 clip you are already doing less damage per shot.

    I think that the durability degrades too quickly.

    Obviously the Nykorev is already a powerful weapon and for many a favourite when raiding... But I think the degrade rate doesn't stop or slow raiders down - since scrap metal is so cheap and it takes no time to repair, It is merely a pointless hassle.

    There are 2 questions to this post:

    1- Is it possible for a server to alter the durability of individual guns?

    2- If so do people think the durability should be increased?



    I think however, if kit starter gives a colt and that is the ONLY kit with a gun... it should have a 30 min cool-down.

    and the rest could have 10 min only. That would actually give people reason to use the other kits.

    I like this suggestion a lot! I think it really embodies the vanilla survival spirit where you cant just run around and pvp with kits and you need a good degree of looting to get going - whilst at the same time giving you some good supplies.

    The only problem with this is that it increases the gap between the geared and the naked.

    By this i mean, with a kit soldier you can potentially take on a fully geared if he isn't paying too much attention, but with the kits that you suggest there is now way to do anything against people with a gun. It takes spawn camping on survival to a whole new level.

    I think it a set of very viable kit suggestions and I might well be on your side (in terms of arguing FOR these kits being implemented), I am just not entirely sure how it would play out and if people will get frustrated or actually enjoy the challenge. What could be good about these kits is that since they are less OP than the current kits, we can reduce the timer to 10min so that way even if you do get killed early on (due to lack of defensive capabilities) you get back on your feet quicker.



    I think you have given us all of the information needed to make an informed decision on your application.

    You will hear back from of one of the members of our staff team.




    I meant something more in the range of: where you are from, why do you want to be staff, etc.

    Please make a new application with everything in it, so it is easy for us to asses. Follow the format explained HERE.

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    Hi Middy, Can you tell us some more about yourself and why you would make a good member of the staff team? "there is some players that join sandbox or arena and i always see them naked" doesn't really explain much.

    Have a look at the format which we suggested HERE

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    That is definitely something we can look into. It will reply on the account having a steam profile linked to it, and since each of the regions has its own ranks - it would need to display an individual rank for each one, and how many points needed for the next rank up ( and possibly even a breakdown of how many players/megas/animals that player would have to kill in order to rank up ).

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    Its official, Freezzer has launched its first community map on [ENG/EU] Freezzer #8! (As announced in my previous post)

    Overgrown 3

    Overgrown 3 is a ready to use survival map its the size of the official Washington map with many locations some being secret. The map has all zombie, vehicle, animal and loot spawns all of these have been carefully placed around the map making it more challenging to find good supplies.

    In all underground metros there is high tier loot, however it is pitch black and you will need tactical lights, nightvision, or headlamps to explore

    To access it, make sure you have "Any workshop/has workshop" filter on.

    Hope you enjoy!


    Dan and the Freezzer Gaming Team

    I can see it alright, although I understand where you are coming from.

    That website is the old server page so we don't really update or service it anymore.

    Sorry for the inconvenience,