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    The vote held on the old post resulted in a majority by [ENG/US] however that means only 50% of players voted for a US server instead of a EU server.

    so in terms of being fair to player lag (ping) its a split vote.

    -In terms of being fair to server language, ENG has a majority vote.

    -And in terms of being fair to player numbers by region, we have more players overall who play from EU surrounding regions than US surrounding regions.

    Therefore, we have decided to host it on [ENG/EU].

    This is to try to accommodate for the best interest of all players, both active on the forums and not.

    If the vote had shown a significant difference, the decision would likely have been otherwise.

    Hope this helps!



    Haha love the running "raid" commentary! Its true that people get a kick out of raiding stuff, but as DanielPx said its all wood - cheap to replace - and since charges are out of the shop and ammo for raiding something that big isnt cheap, hopefully people will be discouraged.

    Also, since the people playing on [ENG/EU] Freezzer #7 are mostly regulars, Im trying to turn it into an unofficial RP server just because we can now be a sort of "mafia" who builds stuff for every one to use but also semi controls the server (most powerful group on the server) :D .



    I mostly play Hawaii nowadays, and I see loads of mega zombies! But like Osephyr said they only seem to drop grenades. The loot is low on hawaii due to Freezzer servers toning it down - since when Hawaii started the loot was ridiculously high! Like i mean 2/3x grizzlies in the military (after reset) so we lowered it a bit. I still get pretty good loot on there, but if its too low we can always up it a bit.

    As a general, Hawaii doesn't have many large military loot spots. Its pretty much exclusively Military base, Volcano, Ailani (dead - zone) but it has a lot of smaller interesting military loot spots (Haiku Stairs - Underground water cave, Dead-zone cave, roadblock, etc).



    First of all, I would like to point out that your ban is not permanent. Its only 3 hours - which you can see on the ban page.

    Secondly you were playing music really loud which was the reason for the kick in the first place, to which you reacted with disrespect.

    I am going to assume that you did not realise this was not a permanent ban, and assume that now knowing this information you agree with the ban and accept your sentence.

    If not, tell me so we can carry on the discussion :) .



    I have just received information that you are impersonating a different CryTheSly ( ) which, in our eyes, is not acceptable from anyone who we take into our team.

    Your IP originates in Turkey, so I am not sure why you are saying your are American or Danish.

    Feel free to try to explain yourself, but it will most probably not change our opinion.

    Due to this blatant plagarism you are: BANNED FROM FURTHER APPLICATIONS


    Dan and the Freezzer Gaming Team

    That's alarming news. Pretty sure the Hawaii servers were empty because they had/still have shit loot spawns (that's just an issue the game needs to fix). Russia, PEI, and Washington (all first person servers) seemed to have a good amount of people in it versus the other Washington map (both perspectives) which was consistently at 0 players. I feel like the focus is more on the EU and GER servers and I don't know what was happening on those servers.

    I'm going to be selfish and hope the change fails so I can have my favorite servers back :(

    For now I guess I'll see my fellow first person players on a different server, reluctantly.


    The move to change the servers over to 3rd person was an intuitive decision to see if could improve the activity situation. It had to be a relatively short term change in order to shift space for the new community map being introduced next weekend.

    Since you have made it clear, that there is still a definite interest in 1st person servers, we will try to re-implement 1st person only into at least one of our servers.

    Out of professional interest, what server are you playing on currently?

    Sorry for the inconvenience,



    Take more time on this application please, this is very rushed.


    - Is your name Jack or Mark?

    - This is very hard to read, can you please make it more clear?

    - Please put your Unturned hours in your application (i know you linked your steam but have it all in 1 place please).

    - You said your timezone is USA, you also said you live in the USA... but your English is not to a native American level...where are you from?

    These are all things to include in your NEW APPLICATION before we can have a proper look.

    Feel free to make a new application as soon as your ready.