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    Proof is video/screen shots. Doesn't help us seeing it from our side, because that tells us nothing about whats happening on your client.

    These videos/images could have been attached to any one of your posts so far, you have had many opportunities to do this.



    Sorry for marking aggressive post and thanks for changing my ban to 2 weeks (just changed) I am very sorry I just didn't think shooting People but doing no damage was too severe especially as it was an accident the first time.

    Would it be possible to fix the 'glitch' or does nelson need to fix that?

    Thanks again and I won't bother u from now on

    As a general point, if you are doing something in-game which without a bug/glitch is otherwise impossible that is concerning to us. If that something bug/glitch is helpful to you in-game: unless you prove to us it is completely out of your control - which although you claimed, you haven't proved.

    And in terms of "shooting people but doing no damage was severe", even though you cant harm player on the liberator, you can destroy their vehicles - which although its not impossible to do (through other methods) and although it is sandbox, does affect the game-play of others.

    As for "is it possible to fix the glitch" - lets assume you are telling the truth here and this isnt by your choice/control:

    Since i have never seen this happen i cant give you advice or try to resolve it.

    Does it only happen on Freezzer servers or on other servers too?

    We cant help you without more information.



    Let me just stop you here for a second. Do you realise you are not permanently banned? It is a 2 week ban. For what i saw in game your offences - which I will not go into AGAIN, were too severe for a warning before a ban.

    So I am going to extend an olive branch and ask that you tone down your posts a little, they are not offensive but they are getting a bit aggressive.



    The subscriptions only last 1 month, you have to renew them manually. So after 1 month they will all expire and as long as you only renew the one you want to keep,the other two will go away, it shouldn't make a difference to you in-game.



    The rules are very clear, both impersonating staff (this means leading people on the server to think you are staff, not necessarily saying the exact phrase: "i am a moderator on this server") and abusing glitches are forbidden. So whether you were "hacking" or "glitching" this ban will stand.

    If you wish to present any evidence which proves your innocence please make a new thread.




    First of all, to the people this has concerned: wrestling95   Acid   Keaune   10k   Alex   Karma   RenegadeNine   Osephyr - thank you for your interest and attention to this matter.

    To those wondering the reasoning behind this matter, and to those who have not been properly informed:

    It came to the staff team's attention that a certain player ( wrestling95 - !NO! ) had achieved quite a substantial K/D and thus a 3rd place position on the leader boards; through spawn camping - more specifically: sneaking around at spawns, killing those who spawned in and killing those who tried to hunt him. Although this was not against the rules it meant that his position on the leader boards did not at all reflect his PVP abilities, nor did it seem fair on those who worked honourably for their K/Ds with the skill level required to achieve them.

    This left the staff team with a difficult situation - and when I say the staff team, I mean; all of us were involved in a discussion - this was no "admin abuse" as some were quick to call it. We applied the "greater good" mindset and hindered his progress by adding 100 deaths to his stats, in the hope that he would be discouraged from farming his score in this way - and to address the fairness of our leader boards. HOWEVER, after various people pointed out that; for a "fair" gaming community rules need to be unbiased and applied evenly across the board, we have taken a step back and re-evaluated our decision.

    Although the player in question's ( wrestling95 ) methods were neither honourable nor (as some like to put it) fair - they were by the book and did not break any rules. Therefore we have decided to remove the 100 deaths originally added on to this player's stats - they will be removed tomorrow (Wednesday 5th April).

    We have since (effective immediately) implemented a "no spawn-camping" rule for sandbox. See here for the full details how of this will affect game-play.

    We hope that this has clarified the decisions and actions taken.


    Dan and the Freezzer Gaming Team

    Dear Dommunity, recent events and discussions have led us to realise that a revision of our current rules was necessary.

    Effective immediately:

    Camping at any sandbox spawn with the sole purpose of killing newly-spawned players is forbidden.

    This is NOT however to be confused with spawn-killing (killing players who have newly-spawned) since spawns are all over the map and while playing normally you will pass plenty - and might see people spawn in. But to spawn camp requires no skill and ruins the game for those spawning in with no chance to react. It goes without saying that to use this as a technique to improve your K/D is also forbidden.

    Reporting this will need quite clear evidence - either a collection of self-explanatory images or (preferably) some form of screen capture/video.

    The punishment for breaking this rule is a ban/suspension and - if seen to be necessary - We will reset your stats.

    See here for explanation of why this change was made.


    Dan and the Freezzer Gaming Team

    On a related note...Never bothered to do it, but I always assumed the notes might work in the soda machines if you powered them up. Has anyone ever tried to power up the soda machines, what do they do?

    You do not need money to get soda, its just on a cooldown. you can get a free soda every so long.

    Not a clue what money is actually for.



    Hey guys,

    I have put together a description and breakdown page for our survival-ranks plugin.

    This information was relatively vague before, therefore this page explains how this unique plugin works and to make best use of it.

    Find this page under the new "Plugins/Commands" tab.

    This page is still under maintenance and improvements/additions will come soon.

    But we thought it best to publish the page early to let you guys have a look.

    Hope you like it,

    Dan and the Freezzer Gaming Team

    A /home command already exists for both Diamond and VIP donators.

    The /home discussion has been had a few times since it isn't an easy decision to make.

    But trust me when I say that the servers are better off without it - take Minecraft for an example, on any multiplayer server these days nobody runs around anywhere... Its pretty much just a load of /home and /tpa spam to get around the map. Obviously the map size does not compare to Unturned, but its the same logic. Especially where there is competition for raiding bases and pvp survival, being able to take short-cuts like that takes away a bit from the tactical side of the game. (my opinion anyway)